Learn to Play Chess Like a Boss!

Make pawns of your opponents with tips and tricks from grandmasters of the greatest game of all time.

Learn to Play Chess Like a Boss: Make Pawns of Your Opponents with Tips and Tricks From a Grandmaster of the Game|Paperback

Stop playing like a pawn and start playing like the kingYou already know just how enjoyable—and and challenging—the game of chess can be. For those who play, chess leads to a lifetime of fun. But how do you make the first move to learn the rules and transform from a...

MasterClass | Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess

Learn advanced strategy, tactics and theory from the greatest chess player of all time.

Game of Thrones Collector's Chess Set

Inspired by one of the most critically acclaimed television series of all time, this one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones Collector's Chess Set perfectly captures the spirit of conquest in both the timeless two-player strategy game and the war between Westeros and the White Walkers.

No Stress Chess - Best Games for Ages 7 to 9 - Fat Brain Toys

No Stress Chess and thousands more of the very best toys at Fat Brain Toys. Play the World's Greatest Game Instantly! No Stress Chess works just like standard chess. The difference? Your moves are determined by randomly-draw...